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‘N-OCTOPUS’• 8 my lucky number

The octopus can change color and texture to properly camouflage itself. For this reason, octopus is invoked as a power animal to carry out your plans under the radar, and especially not to let go of it too much, or to stand out. Because the octopus has 8 arms, it is also used to do as much work as possible in a short time. The number 8 also symbolizes abundance and infinity. The octopus can help you with self-esteem and attract abundance to you. Of course the octopus is very flexible, we all know the images from which an octopus can squeeze through. This again symbolizes finding a way out, no matter how serious the situation is at that moment. Keep thinking creatively, and don't lock yourself up. The octopus can spit black ink to distract and confuse its enemy. He can even let go of one arm (amputate) to escape, which will grow back later. The octopus knows how to survive, and transfers this power to you.

Inspired by a lot of family members in California and my little nephews.

    ‘N-OCTOPUS'·Fine Art print A4 (8.27 x 11.69 inches)

    € 65,00Prijs
    incl.BTW |
    Printed on demand, delivery within 2 weeks
    • De originele tekening is met de hand getekend met inktpennen op 200 grs papier. 

      Deze Fine Art Print is een reproductie van het origineel. Genummerd en gesigneerd, afgewerkt met goud door mijzelf. Zo is elke reproductie uniek.


      Info over de Fine Art print:

      • Geprint op Hahnemühle photo rag 308 gsm 100% katoen
      • Fine Art Print kwaliteit: prints zijn gemaakt met het grootste kleurbereik en fijne resolutie tot 2880 DPI (dots per inch). Dit geeft de mooiste kleurweergave, vloeiende kleurovergangen, de diepste zwarting en weergave van de allerfijnste details.


      Mocht je hier vragen over hebben of je wilt een afwijkend formaat bestellen, neem dan contact met me op

      Ik help je graag verder!

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