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Birthday calendar A5 Miss Sunshine

Birthday calendar A5 Miss Sunshine

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BIRTHDAY CALENDAR MISS SUNSHINE · A5 14,8x21cm (5.8 x 8.3 inch)

Starting with a circle and back to the core; my sensitivity. Miss Sunshine became part of a whole. Dream away every month and come back to the earth in a firm way. That's also what happens to me when I draw. With a smile and sometimes with a tear.

The circle is an ancient symbol, an abstract ancient symbol. It is not only of practical significance, but also of profound significance

spiritual meaning.

A symbol that tells a lot, an image that, through its universal meaning,

stored in our universal consciousness, understood by many and therefore an important image in our communication.

The circle has a double meaning that can also be seen as one.

The circle: without beginning, without end, endless, eternal, all-encompassing, the cosmos, the macrocosm

and at the same time it is a symbol for you, the reflection of that ‘being whole’ within yourself, because it is you who perceive everything,

you are the creator of your world, of your truth, of what you see and experience.

A dear friend said 'she had to ask me to make this calendar’. I really liked this and wanted to make a unique and special calendar

with new drawings, matching the months of the year.

Hand-drawn illustrations, manually digitized and printed on recycled paper; this is the 'Miss Sunshine birthday calendar'.


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