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atlantische oceaan met surfers byligtenberg



Passionate, sensitive, cheerful, enthusiastic and also calm. I like to talk and laugh, but I am also a very good listener.

I feel good in nature. I like to swim in the (cold) sea, surf

(or at least try it). I enjoy simple things, and as someone recently beautifully described… 'I could live off the air'.

What is special to me; the rising sun, the moon, the stars, the animal life and that we may be here on earth! 

A piece of history.....

I (Marleen Ligtenberg) was born in Oosterhout (NB-NL) in 1983. As a child and during my secondary school I was always drawing, painting and tinkering. I tucked the school books under my pillow in the hope that the theory would fly into my brain during the night. Unfortunately that didn't happen and it was a good thing that the morning before a test or even an exam, I set the alarm clock at 5.30 am, in order to still be prepared.

VWO became HAVO and there it became clear that my so-called preference for economics was not there. Where I enjoyed most and could be myself were the drawing lessons and it was nice to experience how the school supported me to do admission for the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

I could hardly believe it, but I was accepted. Not knowing in advance what kind of special world I would end up in. I could already think 'out of the box', but I was also very insecure and my urge for analysis and designs that 'have to be right' in my eyes did not quite match at that time.

Three intense years. I also got distracted by other things. I decided to stop, because I was getting more and more unhappy.


I would have preferred to travel, but after good consultation with the home front I went to the Pabo in Eindhoven and after my propaedeutic year I was able to teach at school (PDS trajectory) and do my theory through self-training. Ideal for me, that freedom suited me and I was able to complete the education to becoming a teacher in three instead of four years.

At that time, there were few permanent jobs in primary schools. Through a friend I came to work at a digital printing company and within a week I was placed in another position.

The commercial profession suited me and I continued in it. Especially the contact with different people and companies, the innovation in the graphic industry in combination with the sustainability issues continued to arouse my interest. However, at one point I felt that I was 'standing still' and changed jobs. I went to an advertising agency. Soon I felt that I didn't fit in both that world and the office and so I looked for something else. Then I was scouted by a digital printing company from Austria and started working more internationally. It was a very instructive time, but I was also often lonely. During this period I decided that after Eindhoven and Oosterhout (where I now lived again) I wanted to go to the coast. 

I had been on a surf trip a few times and always enjoyed the sea. My parents' roots are in The Hague and Voorburg and that's how I always felt a bit at home here. My grandmother always said 'The Hague is such a nice city, because the wind cleans the city'. Scheveningen and preferably as close to the sea as possible, that was the goal and that's how it happened.

I bought a very nice fisherman's house 300 meters from the sea. Twice as small as my house in Oosterhout at the time, so that meant cleaning up! Both literally and figuratively ;).

The first year in Scheveningen was strange. I was very busy with my work, had a boyfriend in Paris and was trying to build a life in Scheveningen. I actually felt very alone, while at the same time Scheveningen felt like a warm bath. And that at that cold North Sea haha.

Then something absurd happened; a virus called 'Corona' came. Something new, unknown and the force to stay where you are. Forced to be at home. I fell back into old patterns and my job came under pressure. I set my limits and after four months there was a settlement agreement and I ended up on unemployment benefits. Immediately busy with coaching programs and job interviews, but something in me had changed. 

Because I simply didn't know what to do with my life, I first started doing things that I always wanted or hadn't done for a long time. So I went swimming in the sea every day, I started in November and swam through the winter. In December I suddenly picked up pen, paper and bought paint. I drew an abstract lily and patiently painted it. I think this was going to be a week or two project, but it felt so good. I could lose myself for eight hours straight and be happy; my thoughts became calmer.

At that time I also realized and felt that there was still a lot of unprocessed sadness in me. A friend recommended a coach to me and I went for it. It were intensive months of sadness and joy and I worked hard to embrace myself and my talent. I also bought 'Jack' in the spring of 2021; a Ford Tourneo and together with my father, converted it into a mini camper. In the same summer I made a trip through Spain of about seven weeks with over 5000 km on the clock. Destination unknown, but as much as possible near the coast! Usually alone, but also sometimes in the company of friends or family. What an adventure; one to never forget for me!

In 2020 I have founded byligtenberg | BYL   and in 2021 it really came to life. byligtenberg is my own art and design company. I create custom artwork, illustrations and limited art reproductions of my autonomous work.

In addition I co create with others. Everything is made by myself and only for reproductions I use HQ partners. 

In addition to my work as an artist, I work four days a week as a Partnership Manager for LessonUp. On LinkedIn you can see which previous roles I have had.


Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about me or my work. 


Love and vive la vie,


Marleen Ligtenberg

'Little drops of water
Little grains of sand
Make the mighty ocean
And the pleasant land
So the little minutes
Humble though they be
Make the mighty ages
or eternity'

Julia Abigail Fletcher Carney

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