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Cutting board 39.5x26.5x2cm | Ollywood Surfboards - oLLygoods

Cutting board 39.5x26.5x2cm | Ollywood Surfboards - oLLygoods

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Unique surf related cutting board. The two best surfboards collected on this board. The 'Fish'  and the 'longboard', drawn by Olaf de Vries.


Dimensions: 39.5x26.5x2cm


Instructions for first use

To make the cutting board moisture resistant, you must first treat it with oil (sunflower or mineraloid). Rub oil over the entire surface of the cutting board, including the corners, sides and bottom. Remove the excess oil and repeat the process the next day. Then grease the cutting board every two months (repeat the same process).


Cutting board maintenance instructions

Do not immerse the cutting board in water for too long. Use a cloth to gently dry the cutting board and lay it on its side to dry further. Do not expose the cutting board to high temperatures to speed up the drying process. Fragile :).



Made of beech wood

Easy to clean

FSC - responsible wood


Design: Olaf de Vries ( in collaboration with Marleen Ligtenberg  (


© all rights reserved

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