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Keycord 'The evolution of surfboards' Keycord

Keycord 'The evolution of surfboards' Keycord

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The history of the surfboard is one of innovation which in turn has shaped the sport of surfing. The surfboard traces this history, from the first "wave-riding" redwood boards made by ancient Hawaiians to the vacuum-sealed, lightweight technological marvels of today. On this 'sleutoLL pendant' (keycord) 10 icons are fixed and these give you the feeling that you have your evolution with you.


This way you don't lose your keys anymore!


The 'board shapers' in historical order:


Duke Kahanamoku

Bob Simmons

Greg Noll

Bing Copeland

Gerry Lopez (small pistol + large pistol)

Ben Aipa

Steve Lis (Fish)

Mark Richards

Bonzer (Campbell Brothers)

Simon Anderson (Thruster)

Ollywood Surfboards


Design: Olaf de Vries ( in collaboration with Marleen Ligtenberg (


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