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CRESCENT MOON · A4 21x29,7cm (8.3x11.7 inch) *Fine art print


Original ink pen drawing

Size: A4 21x29,7cm (8.3 x 11.7 inch)

Material: 200 grs fine grain Daler Rowney

Technique: Pigment fineliner, Edding goldpen


The moon, the stars, the universe... the beautiful light that is visible in the dark night. During the waning moon, more inward, dreaming.

The waxing moon or crescent moon is the moon for two weeks after the new moon. The word wash here means 'increase' or 'grow'. After these two weeks there is a full moon. The waning moon is the moon in the two weeks between full and new moon.

In a less broad sense, when one thinks of a waxing or waning moon, one thinks of a sickle, i.e. in the days shortly before and after the new moon.

  • Limited edition (max. 30)

    A maximum of 30 high-quality reproductions will be made of this drawing.

  • Prefer a different SIZE / FRAME?

    Would you like a different size of the same drawing? Or would you like a frame included? Both is possible!

    Send me a message ( with your wishes and I will send you a customized quote! Thank you :)

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