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Cachalote Sperm Whale · Fine Art print 19x27.5 cm on Black MDF

Cachalote Sperm Whale · Fine Art print 19x27.5 cm on Black MDF

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CACHALOTE • sperm whale


* if you look very closely there are light spots on it (almost negligible)


This animal symbolism reminds us that we have several untapped potentials within us. Through the sperm animal totem, we have all the tools necessary to tap into the untapped potential within us. It will happen through faith in our abilities. Before someone points out your strengths, understand them yourself. Also, the sperm whale spirit animal reminds us that we are free to make our own choices in life. Don't follow anyone's path because we are unique in our own way. Sometimes the route you think is right is not easy but has too many obstacles. If your instincts favor this path, take it without fear.

    • Limited edition

      The original drawing is hand-drawn with ink pens on 200 grs paper. 

      This Fine Art Print is a reproduction of the original. Numbered and signed, finished with goud by myself. Thus, each reproduction is unique.


      Info about the Fine Art print:

      • Printed on Hahnemühle photo rag 308 gsm 100% cotton
      • Fine Art Print Quality: Prints are made with the widest color range and fine resolution up to 2880 DPI (dots per inch). This gives the best color reproduction, smooth color transitions, the deepest blacks and reproduction of the finest details.


      If you have any questions about this or if you want to order a different size, please contact me at

      I'd love to help you!

    • Fine Art Print glued to black MDF

      • Fine Art Print professionally glued on black MDF (1cm thick)
      • Can be hung directly using the recessed suspension eye
    • Directly available

      This product is ready, so can be shipped immediately!

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