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Karma is the sum of all personal, good and bad deeds and thoughts during earthly existence. It is a word that has its origin in Sanskrit and means deed or action. In connection with the dogma of reincarnation among the Hindus, karma determines in which state man will be reborn.


The chameleon spirit animal is one of the oldest totem animals. The spirit animal signifies the need for change. In addition, they have many totem messages that are very important to the chameleon people. In addition, the chameleon can camouflage and hide from his enemies. Also, the chameleons are pure predators. They can remain silent for a long period of time to catch their prey.


I just didn't know. My aim is clear, but my path was blurry. I tagged 'Edding' when posting my drawing on Instagram, the brand with which I sometimes or often give my drawings 'the golden touch'. I currently have a part-time job and several consultancy projects and other co-creations. I often change color. Something I like, but sometimes difficult.




When Kelly asked me very enthusiastically to collaborate on a work of art for her exhibition, I was very enthusiastic and also protective of myself. Does this feel good? I asked Kelly to call each other the next day; so I got more feeling. We spoke enthusiastically about our work and all kinds of things. I felt a click. OK! Let's see if and what I can make beautiful.


That week my color changed regularly again. From work to private and also within this question,

Creating such an expo and co is really cool, but which drawing? I can't use every drawing from the past, because they already have their own story.


After a week of thinking I thought 'ok maybe I shouldn't do this'….but than Kelly contacted me; ‘my boyfriend thought of a Chameleon’….WOW! To me this was Karma! Karma Chameleon. That's how it was meant to be and now it becomes a  real co creation. Just when I get close to my feelings again and would prefer to flee, there is the answer; Chameleon; my prey! So straight to this goal. I grab my pencil and start sketching. The lines then flow onto my paper. 'This is how it's meant to be'!


Did you know….

  • There are more than 200 species of chameleons.

  • The crystals in the chameleon's skin change due to the light falling on these crystals.

  • Contrary to popular belief, chameleons do not take on the color of the surface they are on. They change color to camouflage themselves from their predators or according to their mood.

  • A chameleon is the animal with almost the longest tongue in the world.

  • This tongue is provided with a sticky mucus with which it can 'grab' its prey.

  • The dancing walk of the chameleon is as if they are imitating a wobbling leaf, in order to deceive their prey and predators.

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